PG06XL Battery for HP Omen 5

3,150 EGP

PG06XL PG06 Laptop Battery for HP Omen 15-DH 15-DH000 15T-DH000 15T-DH100 15-DH0XXX 15-DH0000NA 15-DH0003LA 15-DH1010CA 15-DH1088NR 15-DH0010TX 15-DH1070WM HSTNN-DB9F L48431-2C1 L48497-005 11.55V 69Wh



  • Battery type: Li-ion.
  • Voltage: 11.55V.
  • Capacity: 69Wh/5676mAh.
  • Cells: 6-cell.
  • Compatible Models: HP Omen 15-DH000 15T-DH000 Series, HP Omen 15-DH0000NA 15-DH0000NX 15-DH0001NS 15-DH0002NG 15-DH0002NL 15-DH0002NS 15-DH0009NJ 15-DH0010NG 15-DH0011NG 15-DH0012NH 15-DH001NR 15-DH002NR 15-DH0001LA 15-DH0003LA 15-DH0004LA 15-DH0002TX 15-DH0003TX 15-DH0001TX 15-DH0005LA 15-DH0006TX 15-DH1010CA 15-DH1019NR 15-DH1020CA 15-DH1020NR 15-DH1050NR 15-DH1053NR 15-DH1054NR 15-DH1059NR 15-DH1060NR 15-DH1065CL 15-DH1070WM 15-DH1087NR 15-DH1088NR 15-DH1099NR 15-DH0015NR 15-DH0006LA 15-DH0007TX 15-DH0008TX 15-DH0009TX 15-DH0010TX
  • Compatible Models: HP Omen 15T-DH100 15-DH0XXX PC Series, HP Omen 15-DH0138TX 15-DH0004UR 15-DH0025NL 15-DH0103TX 15-DH0009NJ 15-DH0008TX 15-DH0010NG 15-DH0030NF 15-DH0161TX 15-DH0136TX 15-DH0028TX 15-DH0020NG 15-DH0153TX 15-DH0001NS 15-DH0134TX 15-DH0111TX 15-DH0000NA 15-DH0137TX 15-DH0002NS 15-DH0007TX 15-DH0012NH 15-DH0105TX 15-DH0011NG 15-DH0009TX 15-DH0002NG 15-DH0144TX 15-DH0002NL 15-DH0154TX 15-DH0000NX 15-DH0135TX 15-DH0201NG 15-DH0017NH 15-DH1040NIA 15-DH1025TX 15-DH0204NG 15-DH0004NG 15-DH0010NO 15-DH0013NM 15-DH0016NQ 15-DH0100TX
  • Replace Part Numbers: PG06XL L48431-2C1 HSTNN-DB9F 917724-855 L48497-005 PG06069XL PGO6XL 3ICP4/69/75-2


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PG06XL Battery for HP Omen 5
3,150 EGP