HT03XLBattery for HP Pavilion 14 15

2,250 EGP

HT03XL  Battery  for HP Pavilion 14-CE 14-CF 14-CK 14-cm 14-DH 14-DK 14-DF 14-DF 14-DQ 14Q-CS 14Q-CY 14S-CR 15-CS 15-DQ 15-DB 15-DW 15-DW 15-DW 15 G-DR SERIES 

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  • Battery Type: Our battery is 100% brand new. rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
  • Voltage: 11.55 V
  • Capacity: 41.9 WH 3660 MAH.
  • Suitable for HP 14-BP Pavilion 14-BF 14-BK 15-CC 15-CD 15-CK 17-AR Series TF03XL Laptop Battery Notebook Battery. 
  • Fit Machine Models: HP Pavilion 14-bf0xx 14-bf1xx 14-bk0xx 14-CD 15-cc1xx 15-cd0xx 15-ck0xx 14-bf014ns 14-bf013nf 14-bf012tx 14-bf011ns 1ns 4-BF0 ur 10ur -bf009na 14-bf008nf 14-bf007ng 14-bf006ns 14-bf005tx 14-bf004nf 14-bf003nc 14-bf002nf 15-cc002nf 15 Years cc161tx 161tx 4-bk0 10nb 14-bk011nf 14-bk102nf 14-bk105la 14-cd0100ng 14-cd0101ng 14-cd0011nf 14-cd0055tx 101ng 15-cd011nd 15-cd05-cd05-cd051111nd 1cd05-cd05Nr 15 – ck001nl 15-ck025nd 15-cc501nf 15-cc154cl 17-ar050wm 17-AR007CA


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HT03XLBattery for HP Pavilion 14 15
2,250 EGP

Availability: 2 in stock